Protective Half masks – RespiPro – Professional Mask

To meet the needs of the most demanding professions, we have developed a new level of protection mask.

We called the RESPILON® Professional Half Mask – RespiPro (FFP1) and Filtration Half Mask (FFP2).

The core of the RESPILON® Professional and Filtration Half Masks consists of the latest technology by using four layers of protection including a nanofiber membrane RespiPro is resistant against liquids (blood, non-corrosive chemicals, and paraffin oil).

RespiPro Carbon mask is unique by an anti-odor layer. Both masks are providing great comfort and breathability. The nanofiber membrane mechanically captures 99,9% of viruses and bacteria.

How big are the dangerous particles and what protection brings RESPILON nanofiber filter ?

Check the graph below

New level of protection

Respilon® Professional Halfmask provides ultimate protection against viruses, bacteria, dust, smog, emissions and other airborne particles thanks to special designed filtration layers using.The nanofiber filtration layer in the R-mask, is the highest dense filter on the market but still provides 3x better breathability and 5x higher filtration efficiency than the normally required. And that is why R-mask is efficient but comfortable to use at the same time.

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